TriFecta 3ENT

The DMV's Own Trifecta 3ENT! A Group Of Young,Talented,And Extremely Versatile Music Artist Combined Into One Independent Record Label.3ENT Captures Every Single Aspect And Dimension Of Hip Hop Music And The Hip Hop Culture.Music Lovers Can Always Count On Trifecta To Supply Great Music.There Is A Artist For Every Audience.Basically A DMV All Star Label.Trifecta 3ENT Also Produces Their Own Music And Videos.This Is Truly Something That The Music Industry Has Never Seen Before And The World Should Really Get Ready For Because Their On Their Way To The Top.

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Vote For Darren Hanible Here For HBCU Rapper Of The Year And Make Sure U Attend The HBCU Buzz Awards On March 26th At Howard University At 6:30

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Darren Hanible - Late Night Early Mornings (Produced By YB)

Download Track Here :…

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Welcome To Drama City: B-Jay & Darren Hanible - 2nd String (Music Video) Shot By ClipstarTV

Go Download #WTDC On iTUNES Now Here:

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Go Download The “Welcome To Drama City” Mixtape On iTunes Now Brought To You By BigBusiness And Clipstar TV. A Compilation Of Some Of The Hottest DMV Artists On Tracks Produced By @YBOnDaBeat. Also Featuring 3ENT Artists Low Lavish, Darren Hanible, DanMan Tha Bully, Mally, And CA$H


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DanMan Tha Bully - Do It Like That (Produced By @YBonDaBeat)

Download Track Here:

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Low Lavish Live @ The Black Amethyst Lounge 12/3


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CA$H Live @ The Black Amethyst Lounge 12/3

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 Freaky Reek - “Roll Up Reek”

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DanMan Tha Bully Live @ The Black Amethyst Lounge 12/3

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